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Triple Your Productivity

You’ve made the all-consuming transition to EHR, but still find you’re understaffed to meet the demands of increasing inbound patient data. The DISC solution picks up where EHRs leave off. We help you manage incoming data more efficiently – the first time and for the future. Our proprietary software is customized to identify the data you need, apply your rules and file and index per your standard operating procedures. Essentially, our automated solutions mimic the habits of your best filing staff members and are ready as your needs grow.
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All-Inclusive and Painless EHR Integration

We’re in the business of making your life easier–today and tomorrow. We know that incorporating a new process for long-term efficiency gains isn’t appealing if it’s cumbersome to integrate. You’ve likely been there and done that. We do all of the heavy lifting for you. Our customers say working with DISC is “the best vendor experience ever, far exceeding expectations.” Clients specifically appreciate our rapid response times, flexibility, experience, patience and an overall can-do attitude. We haven’t found an EHR system we can’t integrate with. Let’s talk about yours.
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