Tripling productivity leads to substantial savings. Time to automate what should no longer be done manually.

Our solutions help you keep up with the increasing in-flow of EHR records, filing accuracy and accessibility. Our proven industry-leading solutions not only report three times the productivity, but are also highly scalable and have a 99.99% accuracy rate. In our experience, we’ve found most ambulatory leaders are looking to optimize the sources of information pictured below. The question is – do you want to process that information manually or would you prefer to automate:

Smarter Indexing & Filing

A typical 100-provider ambulatory organization receives over one million pages of unfiled medical record documents every year. Our proprietary solution automates the manual process of collecting ongoing data to free up your staff to focus on other patient-centric functions.

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Faster Scanning

In-house scanning projects are very resource-intensive and can take months, if not years, to complete. Our scanning solution is an automated high-quality, safe and secure reproduction solution for your legacy paper charts and integrated fully into your EHR. Leave it to us, the experts, to scan your documents quickly, safely and efficiently.

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Expert Abstraction

Working from your scanned files, our team of clinically trained experts will abstract vital patient information such as medications, allergies, immunizations, diagnosis codes and past medical histories and input into your EHR, as specified.

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Better EHR Conversion

Converting from one EHR to another can actually be pretty pain-free with our solution. We take your data and convert it into the format required for your new system and then add it to the new system. It’s that simple.

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Efficient eForms

eForms streamline daily EHR chart filing. We build electronic forms specific to your workflow needs, making your medical data immediately available on demand from desktop, pad and mobile devices. Improve your data mobility, accuracy and security – all without scanning and indexing paper forms.

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