Our eForms solutions do so much more than just save paper.

Our eForms solutions have proven to drastically reduce costs, errors and the time it takes to make the forms and clinical data captured on those forms accessible.

Industry studies have proven that the cost of managing a single form can be as high as several dollars per document. The cost in time and resources to maintain a highly manual workflow to attain patient information is cost-prohibitive long term.

The physical demand for paper forms, handwritten input from patients, staff and providers, and then manual interpretation and translation into your EHR is a process where accuracy and security can easily be compromised. Our eForms solutions are custom-created to minimize those risks.

Improve patient care and safety by putting accurate information in your patient record as quickly as possible. Our eForms advance the EHR initiative by bridging the gaps between health information and ECM/EDM systems and document-centric, clinical workflows.

More than just forms and workflow automation tools, our solutions also convert data feeds from clinical devices and other non-traditional data sources into standardized, usable information that is connected to your EHR through native integration.

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