With our proprietary SmartFiler™ solution, clients see up to a 95% reduction in filing documents, which translates into a substantial savings in resources.

We standardize and automate the process to increase accuracy and provide better access. Our smarter indexing and filing solution can be implemented in 90 days and requires no long-term contracts or software purchase.

We work closely with our customers to attain a thorough understanding of their standard operating procedures. Our automated indexing scans to identify key data such as patient, document type, date of service, and provider, then applies your rules and then files it where it needs to go in your EHR, all within 24 hours from scanning.

All your staff has to do each day is simply pile up the paper and scan the documents in a batch.

SmartFiler Workflow

Send Scans, Faxes, PDF’s

Scan your paper, send your electronic faxes, and give us all your PDF’s – everything that should go to the chart.

SmartFiler™ Analysis

Our proprietary analyzer reads the documents by looking at headers, keywords, logos, data, lines, grids and more on every document, extracting important data and automatically figuring out the document type, date of service, and provider.

Your Rules Applied Automatically

You wrote the training manual for your filing staff already. We apply your rules consistently to every document you send us using our technology and people.

Into EHR

Finally, we complete the handshake by sending your now indexed documents into your EHR, filed into the right chart with the right data. If your workflow includes providers reviewing and signing off on documents in your EHR, SmartFiler™ handles that as well.

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