Leave it to us, the experts, to scan your documents quickly, safely and efficiently.

We’ve been converting mass quantities of paper-based medical records into more accessible formats for over a half-century. We’ve been doing it so long, because we do it so well. The integrity of our team and solutions has a reputation of excellence in the industry.

Today our scanning solutions have the following advantages:

  • Integration with all major EMR/EHR providers
  • Best capture technology to make the quality of your important documents better
  • Safe and secure with your documents by understanding HIPAA and HITECH

Check out our YouTube page to see our high-speed scanning process at work.

We make the process easy on you. Just tell us how many charts you have and what system they’re going to and we’ll provide the path to get there.

Our solutions will improve your bottom line. You’ll be saving space and labor costs immediately, as well as opening up space to generate more revenue.

Read about this beast of a project where we scanned 13 million pages of medical records for Mankato Clinic in just 100 business days.