“Best Vendor Experience Ever!”

Our clients rave about us because we listen, we’re flexible and we deliver on our promises. We know that service is the most important attribute of a vendor and we equate that to integrity for the clients we partner with. In a recent survey, our clients rated DISC a 9.8 out of 10 on average, and 100% responded that they would refer DISC and DISC solutions to others.

We know that few, from vendor to end-user, have fully embraced EHRs in a truly user-friendly, sustainable workflow. We also know that most other solutions available in the market today are not fully interoperable, patient-centered nor easy-to-use. Why?

  • IT resources struggle to deliver on increased productivity and patient safety.
  • Doctors and nurses say their systems slow them down and undermine their confidence.
  • Patients have not embraced using the systems.

Our solutions close these gaps, and more.

Following are some quotes from some of our clients. If you’re interested in gaining more productivity, more accuracy and improved, consistent turn-around from your EHR, contact us today. We’d like to have you as one of our Raving Fans!

“We selected DISC because of their reputation and their ability to duplicate and automate a very labor-intensive process. We were picky about how we file documents. Fortunately, DISC’s solution was able to duplicate our processes to avoid any disruption to our patient care. We were very pleased.”

IHA, 400+ providers, Michigan. More…


“There is no doubt that implementing SmartFiler™ has allowed us to improve patient care while reducing costs and errors. Music to our ears!”

Washington University School of Medicine, 1000+ providers, Missouri. More…


“As a provider, there are many things that we get out of the medical record that we need in order to practice medicine. Critical information such as past notes and what we have done in the past to help with a particular problem reside in the paper chart. Patients can’t always remember the details. Practicing without the information available was essentially dangerous; having the charts scanned in eliminates this problem.”

Mankato Clinic, 140+ providers, Minnesota. More…


“Having all of your paper charts physically gone is a scary thought for any medical office, but DISC held our hand and made the whole process as easy as possible. DISC handled the chart scanning for each of our 22 paper-based offices extremely efficiently, meeting deadlines, and delivering outstanding quality.”

UroPartners, 60+ providers, Illinois. More…


“Partnering with DISC was the right choice as we moved from a paper-based medical record to an electronic health record.”

Dignity Health, 1000+ providers, California