Why SmartFiler™

As a leading healthcare provider in Southeast Michigan, IHA focuses on providing simple, smooth and hassle-free patient experiences. Maintaining high standards isn’t always easy while experiencing rapid growth.

With more than 351,000 active patients, managing the incoming, daily, chart documentation posed an issue. Although IHA built and maintained an effective process to ensure all documentation was filed quickly in the NextGen electronic health record, there was growing concern that the manual process would quickly become highly intensive and resource heavy. Enter SmartFiler™.

According to Nancy Zdawczyk, Clinic Application Manager, DISC Corporation’s SmartFiler™ solution was selected due to two factors – DISC’s reputation, along with the ability to duplicate and automate a very labor-intensive process. “Our workflow was effective, however, we were very concerned that with our growth we would continue to add staff resources to the management of the chart documents, rather than allocate those resources to other IT-related needs.”

Painless Implementation

IHA’s implementation was designed in multiple phases to transition the document filing in buckets, starting with hospital and radiology documentation. At the time, 5 full-time staff members were manually filing those documents. Once DISC’s automation was applied, the resource needs dropped dramatically. According to Zdawczyk, “We were picky about how we file documents. Fortunately, SmartFiler™ was able to duplicate our processes to avoid any disruption to our patient care. We were very pleased.”

Once phase 1 was completed, phase 2 was launched. At more than 50 locations, fax documents were being manually filed into the patient chart in NextGen. IHA’s goal was to implement an electronic fax server solution and then centralize the filing of the all the fax documents, removing the burden from the individual practices. Removing the burden allows the practices to spend more time and energy on patient care. Feedback from the practices has been very positive, including many practices who couldn’t tell the difference between their filing and SmartFiler™.

The Future is Bright

IHA continues on their growth path, acquiring numerous practices since implementing automation.  At the same time, IHA has reduced their chart management staff by 40%.  “The DISC team has been incredibly responsive overall,” says Zdawczyk.  “With our continued growth, we are now confident we have a strong, automated filing solution we can count on going forward.  We’re thrilled overall.”