Paper Medical Records Conversion Made Easy

A urologic care practice called UroPartners was installing Allscripts TouchWorks EHR system and needed help getting their paper charts scanned into a format suitable for their new systems. UroPartners is an integrated practice of more than 55 doctors and medical specialists, and has dozens of locations throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan area and Eastern Illinois. With so many locations, the company wanted to ensure quality and consistency in the way their medical records were scanned without interruption to patient services. UroPartners needed a scanning partner with the resources and skills to scan tens of thousands of medical records containing millions of pages, all on a tight schedule that paralleled their EHR implementation schedule.

DISC’s Experience Means a Lot

UroPartners, EHR software provider, Allscripts, worked with DISC Corporation many times in the past, and they knew DISC was the ideal partner to handle the job efficiently. Initial meetings with KC Frank of DISC assured UroPartners that DISC was fully up to the job. “KC walked us through everything involved in the process of converting our paper medical records into an electronic format that would flow seamlessly into our new EHR systems. He made us feel confident we had a partner with the right expertise to help us through our EHR migration,” says Natalie Gulotta of UroPartners.

DISC met individually with staff at each of 31 UroPartners offices in advance of their conversion process. Every detail of each office’s chart documentation was meticulously assessed and organized to streamline the process. Rigid timelines were established so DISC could get in and out of each office as quickly as possible, minimizing interruption to day-to-day activities. Once an office was ready, DISC picked up their paper records in large batches and transported them immediately to their facility in St. Louis, Missouri. The tedious work of preparing the paper medical records for high speed scanning and indexing started right away, with DISC separating each individual piece of paper, removing staples, paper clips and tape, and unfolding bent pages and corners. DISC then used state-of-the-art, high speed scanning equipment to quickly and accurately convert each paper page into electronic format. Every single page of the scan was visually verified for clarity and properly indexed for efficient retrieval.

Accessibility During Conversion Important

While the paper documents were in DISC’s hands, physicians and staff retained fast access to their records, essentially using DISC as their chart librarian during the conversion; as physicians needed medical records, DISC would quickly scan and fax or email the needed documents directly to UroPartners’ offices. When scanning, indexing and quality assurance processes were complete, DISC worked with UroPartners to provide files that seamlessly loaded into the Allscripts electronic health records software. As each facility went online with their new EHR system, they were delighted to find it was pre-loaded with all of their charts, filed by patient and document type, ready for immediate access by physicians and their staff.

High Quality…check. Deadlines…check.

“Having all your paper charts physically gone is a scary thought for any medical office, but DISC held our hand and made the whole process as easy as possible,” explains Gulotta. “We currently have 31 UroPartners offices, and 22 of those were paper conversions to our new Allscripts EHR system. DISC handled the paper medical records scanning for each of those offices extremely efficiently, meeting deadlines, and delivering outstanding quality. Working with DISC, those 22 offices were by far the easiest to convert.”

DISC was an integral part of UroPartners’ migration to their new EHR system, providing top quality scanning and chart conversion services with virtually no interruption to ongoing medical chart access during the process. The end product of converted documents easily integrated into UroPartners’ EHR systems, with charts loaded and ready prior to each office’s EHR go-live. As a testimony of their continuing success, the EHR implementation team at UroPartners has now created a Medical Services Organization (MSO) called M.D. Practice Solutions, with EHR a part of their solutions offering. DISC has been selected as their scanning services partner to assist as M.D. Practice Solutions implements EHR systems for their clients.

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