When Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) approached DISC to inquire about scanning services, their request was different than most organizations before them. For years, DISC had simply converted historical records for use in their client’s EHRs. WUSM needed that….and more. Knowing that once they scanned their charts they would still generate tons of paper that needed to be scanned and indexed into their EHR, they asked DISC to help them find a solution to the daily onslaught of paper that occurs at most physician offices.

With the challenge of over 170,000 patient charts to scan PLUS the additional solution they were asked to develop, DISC certainly had their hands full. All records, both historic and daily, had to be integrated with WUSM’s Allscripts TouchWorks EHR.  It was imperative that the process of converting these records not cause an interruption to the daily work-flow at the various locations DISC was scanning for.

So, as they had many times before, DISC delivered exactly what the client had requested. In just a few month’s time, DISC converted nearly 14 million images of historical patient records to electronic format and integrated those charts into the EHR. In digitizing these records, DISC helped WUSM eliminate a 30,000 square foot medical records room.

And, as requested, DISC developed a solution for WUSM that automated the indexing of thousands of daily medical documents into Allscripts TouchWorks EHR. The solution, now known as SmartFiler™, uses advanced OCR technology to automatically classify and index each document for use in the EHR.

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