For nearly 60 years, DISC Corporation has specialized in developing workflow solutions designed to positively impact Health Information Management Workflow.

With DISC Corporation’s help, top U.S. healthcare organizations, specifically in the ambulatory space, are able to unify their patient records in fully accessible digital form, creating more efficient electronic document workflow and improved business processes, while saving money, time and headaches. DISC Corporation provides a wealth of services, including medical record filing automation, eForms, document imaging and scanning, clinical data abstraction, and EHR conversion.


Our focus is on providing ambulatory care/physician offices with automated workflow solutions to complement and enhance their EHR systems. Our expertise enables us to not only solve challenges our clients identify, but also those they don’t. Our solutions improve productivity, accuracy rates, filing timeliness, and they typically allow a re-allocation of space and resources from an overhead function to patient care generating revenue. Our clients’ physicians are also happier and more confident in the data they have access to and are able to provide higher levels of patient care.


Partner integrity means a lot to us and our clients have acknowledged that. They appreciate our flexibility, our sincere interest in finding solutions for their particular circumstances and our can-do attitude. As a software vendor, we face skeptical clients that have had negative experiences with IT projects. Our ability to adapt our solutions to integrate with EHR systems is exceptionally appreciated. As a result of experience and customizations skills, our customers have said,“working with DISC has been the best vendor experience ever, far exceeding expectations.”


We work closely with clients to develop solutions that meet their specific needs. Because we have the pulse of what’s going on in the industry today, we know what to develop for the future.

Our latest flagship product, SmartFiler™, fills the gap of EHRs – a streamlined, automated process for inputting daily incoming patient information into the EHR. SmartFiler’s medical-record indexing reduces costs, errors and turn-around times.


DISC is a leading innovator in the document management industry. We’ve been converting and collecting data from medical records into more accessible formats for over a half-century. We are known for the integrity of our leadership and our exceptional day-to-day customer service reliability. Our long-term partnerships with leading EHR providers such as Allscripts, NextGen, and others ensure we stay up to date on the latest EHR software changes and their challenges.


Our solutions have achieved significant and lasting results for some of the nation’s leading healthcare providers:


DISC implemented advanced OCR technology for Washington University’s School of Medicine (WUSM) to automatically classify and index daily incoming document for use in the EHR. Prior to that, DISC converted nearly 15 million images of historical patient records to electronic format and integrated those charts into the EHR. The result: eliminating a 30,000 square foot medical records room and with minimal interruption to physicians and staff. They also saw a 70% staff reduction, most of whom were able to move to other patient-supportive roles.


Our work with WUSM resulted in a dramatic decrease in document filing errors. In their words, “There is no doubt that implementing SmartFiler™ has allowed us to improve patient care while reducing costs and errors. Music to our ears!”


IHA, a leading healthcare provider in Southeast Michigan, chose to work with DISC because of their excellent reputation and ability to duplicate and automate a very labor-intensive process. Since implementing the DISC solution, they acquired seven practices, while reducing their chart management staff by 40%. In their words, “With our continued growth, we are now confident we have a strong, automated filing solution we can count on going forward.”